Hi !

I'm Naser Papi .
An expert fullstack developer

I have many years’ experience in software developing and I know how to manage and produce a software product. I know best ways to detect customer needs and how to find best solution for those customer needs...
I'm a fullstack developer and also I know somethings about devOps and I'm trying to be a perfect software developer with many abilities and skills.
For these last 7 years, I have been working on Javascript (frontend and backend) but I have a solid background in other programming languages and techs.


My Experiences and Specialties

papinaser frontend developer

Front-End Developer

ReactJs/ Angular / Electron / Cordova

Back-End Developer

NodeJs / Strapi / Python / C# / DB

DevOps Engineer

Agile / CI-CD / Security / SEO

My Portfolio

Sales & Delivery web app
E- Commerce windows app
LMS Website web app

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